*BOOKS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED UNTIL 2017. I will start taking consultation appointments towards the end of the year, and will be posting updates on Instagram. Please follow me @tattoosbyheiditattooery for all the latest news. Thank you for your patience, I hope to see you in 2017!*

Greetings, visitors - welcome to my website and thanks for looking. You can view a collection of my work by clicking the PORTFOLIO link.

-I enjoy making all sorts of imagery for tattoos and paintings - I'm a fan of bright colors or black and gray, flowers, birds, animals, women, japanese and traditional american style tattoos, creepy imagery, geometric, abstract, decorative and antique designs, and anything weird or out the ordinary!

-I'm probably NOT the artist for you if you are looking for tribal or celtic work, biomechanical (this includes skin rips, etc.), "watercolor" designs/tattoos without black or outlines, LARGE SCALE geometric pieces (small scale is ok), photo realism, re-works, cover-ups, or add-ons to pieces done by other artists.

-I work by appointment, so if you're interested in scheduling a consultation please contact me via any method listed on the contact page. *Please include a detailed description of your tattoo idea, placement, and size*.

-I may choose not to take your project - please don't take it personally, I try to select tattoo projects that are suited to my style so that I can offer you the best possible outcome.

-My rate is $150/hr and I require a $100 cash deposit for small - medium sized pieces, a $200 deposit for large scale work.
-Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, applied toward your final tattoo sitting, and are forfeited in the event of a no show or late cancellation (less than 48 hours notice).

"The world is not the look of it, it's your way of looking at it."